Does YOUR Cat Talk? Mine Does!

Seriously...every day my cat talks to me. And you know what?

Your cat talks to you too! In fact, you may not be aware of this, but all felines talk…and what they say goes way beyond the simple “meow”.

The way cats communicate is a wonderful, universal language, known by all kitties.

The good news? Through this website, it’s a language available for all
kitty pet owners to learn!

You see, everything a cat does is a form of cat communication. An insight into the "who, what, where, why and how" of their little furry beings.

When we realize that there is meaning attached to their cute little antics, various vocal sounds, subtle cat body language or strange cat behavior, we can better know “what’s what” and how to respond and meet their needs.

The result? A peaceful household, happy humans and contented kitty with a forever family!

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Now at this point, I can imagine what you are thinking, and no, I’m neither the crazy cat lady nor have I been in the catnip!

Let me introduce myself... I’m Annie, and for as long as I can remember I've been fascinated by the study of animal behavior. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with all types of animals, from dogs to ducks, burros, horses, goats and even a llama.

I loved all our animals and enjoyed caring for them, but it was when I had my first cat wander into my life that it became my passion to study feline behavior and improve my understanding of why cats do what they do.

And for anyone who shares their life with a cat, you know that they do some interesting things!


To sum it all up, at, we believe that learning to recognize and understand the language of cat talk through everyday behavior and activities is the key to opening an array of gifts:

  • The gift of joy that comes when you begin to understand cat behavior.
  • The gift of warmth you feel when you begin bonding with your cat.
  • The gift of confidence you develop by gaining knowledge that helps you offer better cat care for your cat companions.
  • The gift for understanding what your specific cat likes, or dislikes:
    From the cat litter in the litter box to the surface of the cat scratching post.
  • The gift of a new mindset which allows you to approach cat behavior problems as a "Pet Detective", searching the clues your cat is leaving you through its "cat talk".

explorer-cat Whether you are just starting out as a kitty pet owner, or you have many moons of experience under your belt, we invite you to explore

You'll discover articles that will show you how to interpret your feline’s
cat talk in everyday situations.

You’ll find opportunities to ask questions and share your experiences.

You'll even find cat products and cat toy reviews...authenticated by our resident Siamese cat adviser, Britches.

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So, are you ready to know what your cat’s been saying?

Then it’s time to start learning Cat Talk!

The Cat's Body: Where Every Part Tells A Tale
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In case you were curious about who Annie T. Baxter is, I've put together some highlights of who I am and why I'm passionate about the importance of understanding the communication of cat talk.
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