The Best Cat Toys List

Typically, when searching for the best cat toys, many of us will shop one of the following ways:

  • Read cat toy reviews before making our decision.

  • Scan lists for toy ideas, as recommended by other cats and their owners.

  • Seek out the best value for the dollar...Or...

  • Do all of the above in search of the best toys for kitty!

Now I'm not saying that shopping isn't fun...but, sometimes the "research" before making the purchase can be a bit trying...that's where we're hoping our lists will be of service to you.


  • How We Select The Best and Cheapest Cat Toys

  • Before a toy will be considered for inclusion on this list, it must be reviewed and approved.

    Reviews are either written by Britches and I or by contributors. Once a toy is reviewed, we will analyze the results and make the selection.

  • What do we mean by Best and Cheap Cat Toys?

  • We believe the Best toys are high in quality and value...they perform as advertised and can truly
    enrich your cats life. If you can only own a few cat toys, definitely consider these.

    For the times when budget constraints have to be considered, we want to help our visitors realize that low price - high quality cat toys do exist. Cheap cat toys are cheap in price but high in quality for your kitty!

  • How To Use These Lists

  • Need a bit of information? Click on the name of the Cat Toy to read our product review.


    Ready to buy? Simply click on the Cat Toy Image to be taken to the vendors site where you can proceed with your purchase.


    The Cat Toys List
    Best Cat Toys Best Cheap Cat Toys
    Peacock Feather
    Cat Dancer
    Incline Cat Scratcher
    Crinkle Cave Cat Tent
    Turbo Scratcher
    Mouse Cat Toy
    Catit Cat Spa
    Flutter Balls
    Kong Swizzle Bird Cat Toy
    Bouncy Mouse Cat Toy


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