Bouncy Mouse Cat Toy Review

SmartyKat Bouncy Mouse Interactive Cat Toy

    Bouncy Mouse Cat Toy:  Interactive Toy

  • PRODUCT PURPOSE:  Satisfies A Cat's Need For Interaction, Hunting and Exercise

    • Product Dimensions: : 1.5 x 5 x 4 inches;
      0.6 ounces

    • Shipping Weight:8 ounces

    • Main Product Material:Soft, plush "fur", elastic spring cord, plastic ring

Attributes From Product Package or Manufacturers Product Information:

    • A teaser toy for two

    • Invite your cat to take a whack!

    • Satisfies your cat's need for...interaction

    • You've got your finger on the fun with our SmartyKat Bouncy Mouse interactive cat toy. Bouncy Mouse delights your cat as it dances and bobs from a springy cord you control yourself. Slip on the plastic ring and wave BouncyMouse in front of your cat.

    • Hint: Store BouncyMouse in a bag of SmartyKat Certified Organic Catnip for extra allure.

My Analysis:

    • Quality: Well made. The design of this cat toy has safety elements which need to be checked periodically, namely, to ensure the arms, legs and springy cord remain firmly attached.

    • Performance: The Bouncy Mouse Cat Toy performed well, especially after I adapted it to suit my own cats play preference.

    • Price: Prices on this cat teaser toy vary widely, but a little savvy shopping will keep the toy in a moderate price range. High End: $10.12 Low End: $4.00

Personal Experience With Item

Why A New Toy Was Needed

Finding new ways of enriching Britches' life has always brought me great joy.  One of the many ways I achieve this is by supplying her with new cat toys.

Deciding On A Toy

Sometimes, without trying, I stumble upon unique cat toys...and that is exactly what I found with the Bouncy Mouse.  What makes this interactive cat toy different is the proximity in which the interaction takes place.

Many interactive cat toys are designed so the toy "prey" is presented to the cat on a pole or wire...which creates a natural distance between you and your cat.  In comparison, the Bouncy Mouse cat toy puts you up close to kitty...basically within paws reach!

What I liked about the style of this toy is ...

  • The playful movements I was able to achieve with this plush toy mouse dangling from an elastic string.
  • When pulling the mouse along by its body, the trailing black elastic string engaged Britches prey drive.
  • As a "tossing toy", the floppy arms and legs of Bouncy Mouse added additional movement to increase kitty's interest in stalking, capturing and flinging it about.
  • The ample opportunity for cat exercise, whether with interactive or solo cat play.

Purchasing the Bouncy Mouse Toy

I was drawn to buy this new cat toy for a few reasons:

  • The ability to use the toy as three different toys.
  • A toy that can be used for either solo or interactive cat play.
  • The inexpensive price meant a low risk for the investment.

So, Is This Cat Toy A Hit or Miss? Cue The Cat Talk!

Well, as an example:  When I observe Britches' eyes following the elastic string as I slowly draw it past her still and relaxed body, I jump when her claw deftly captures the prey...hooking into the body of the soft plush mouse toy, then tossing it playfully into the air...swiftly pouncing on Bouncy Mouse as it lands a few feet away...joyously rolling onto her back as she bunny kicks mousey to her hearts content!

To put it simply, actions speak louder than words!  Any toy that can stimulate a cats mind as well as the body is a HIT..and Bouncy Mouse is one of those toys! 

Clearly Britches isn't the only one who finds this little toy mouse to be a hit...check out fellow feline, Yuki, in this adorable cat video highlight:

The Bouncy Mouse Toy Should Appeal To:

Generally, cats of most any age, temperament and toy preference.

A great toy for solo or interactive cat play.

Our Final Thoughts:

Britches and I recommend Bouncy Mouse Cat Toy as both a
“Must Have Solo-Play and Interactive-Play Cat Toy”.

When not in use, store the whole toy in a closed plastic jar with dried catnip...Keeps things fresh and exciting for kitty!

The affordable price makes this cat toy budget friendly.

. Listed on the “Best Cheap Cat Toys” list.

XFor unsupervised play and for safety sake, we suggest detaching the plastic ring and checking to make sure the arms and legs remain securely attached to the body of the toy.

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