Cat Dancer Toy Review

The Original Interactive Cat Toy!


  • PRODUCT CATAGORY: Interactive Cat Toy


    • Product Dimensions:
      8 x 4 x 0.5 inches;
      2.4 ounces

    • Shipping Weight:
      1.2 pounds

    • Main Product Material: Spring steel wire and rolled cardboard

  • Attributes From Product Package or Manufacturers Product Information:

    • “The Original Interactive Cat Toy”

    • Made in USA

    • "Cat Dancer®, the action cat toy, will enable you to enter your cat’s world of speed and agility, and share their playfulness and spirit of the hunt."

    • "Home-tested by over 8 million cats."

  • My Analysis:

    • Quality: High quality materials and construction

    • Performance: Item performs as advertised and as I expected

    • Price: Exceptional value and affordable price.

      • High End: $6.19

      • Low End: $1.67


    • To begin with, you can count Britches as one of the “8 million” cats who have personally tested the Cat Dancer!

      When I first opened the package, I was skeptical...a piece of wire with tiny rolled cardboard tubes on the ends. Did they see me coming or what? How could this possibly be an interactive toy of any value?

      As the package instructs, caution is needed when first taking the Cat Dancer wire out, for it is tightly wound up in a coil. It was, however, easy to straighten the wire to prepare it for initial use.

      At first, I felt a little awkward...not knowing how to “play” with this toy...thankfully Britches was patient with me! The movement of the Cat Dancer cardboard reminded me of a dragon fly "flitting around".

      The Cat Dancer In Action

      The Cat Dancer toy gives a very realistic movement with little to no real effort on my part! It wasn’t long before I found that a light touch makes the wire bounce and the weight of the cardboard tubes give the movement and motion a delightful irregular pattern...

      Britches loves playing with this toy...
      And remember, she is an older cat who is very selective in what she considers “entertainment”!

      How do I know Britches really enjoys The Cat Dancer? She tells me through her "cat talk" of body language and concentration... this toy really allows Britches to get into her “cat hunting mode” by using her cat stalking, cat watching and cat attacking skills.

      Incorporating Cat Dancer into our interactive play sessions five minutes (or more) at a time, a few days a week, has truly helped to avoid a bored “mostly” indoor-only kitty!

  • Cat Dancer® Should Appeal To:

    • Cats of most any age, temperament and toy preference.



The Cat Dancer® is a great toy to promote bonding with your cat.

Playing with it provides a simple way to sneak in some “cat exercise”!

It’s easy to keep the toy “fresh” for your cat. You can vary the play time excitement by guiding Cat Dancer® behind paper bags, under chairs, tables, cardboard boxes, on and around cat scratching toys, flying overhead and landing within paws reach...
just “think like a cat”!

The affordable price makes it easy to replace the cat toy when kitty “swats it to smithereens”!

Britches and I place Cat Dancer® on the “Best Cheap Cat Toys” list.

X When playing with the Cat Dancer, exercise caution to avoid injury to your cat’s eyes or sensitive nose.


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