Cat Play


The Right Way!

Cat Play...One of the secrets to a great day…and night!
If when you play, you know how to play right.

Without making time each day for playing with your cat, you might soon find that kitty resembles the well know proverb about
“all work and no play...”

Let’s would that go?

retro_lady How about:

“All sleep & eat with
no cat play makes kitty a bored, lazy, depressed, insecure, misbehaving
fat cat.”

One of the many surprising things I’ve come across from actual cat owners is their belief that cats, being “independent” in nature, don’t need to be played with...or that they don’t need
cat toys.

When I come across people with this mistaken view, it’s actually a good thing...for it gives me a chance to “speak” on behalf of their cats!

To Help Illustrate This Point...


Here’s a perfect example about when my cousin-in-law told me how one of her cats was “driving her nuts” at night.

The family had returned home from vacation. After unpacking, they stacked their suitcases and beach bags by the upstairs landing to be put away…and, like in some homes, nobody “got around to doing it” for a while.

Over the course of several nights, their youngest cat, Mallory, would sit outside the closed bedroom doors meowing. When trying to get the cat to scat, or at least settle down, “Cuz” would find Mallory either sitting on top of the suitcase, winding around the bags rubbing her scent on them or stalking, pouncing and batting at the hanging luggage tags.

The final act in Mallory’s 5 night performance brought “Cuz” to her feet from hearing the thud and crash of a suitcase as it tumbled down the stairs! Seems the cat was the only one doing anything about getting the luggage ready to be put away!

When I asked “Cuz” a few questions, this is what I discovered :

  • Upon returning home from their vacation, other than the normal care and affection shown to Mallory, everyone fell back into their “business as usual” routine. There was no special bonding with their cat to lessen any residual feline separation anxiety.

  • At nighttime, as during the day, Mallory is left to independently entertain herself with “what she can find”. Though some solo play is natural and healthy, there are no appropriate cat toys available for her to play with.

  • What “Cuz” saw as frustrating and strange cat behavior at night, was what others refer to as “the midnight crazies”. It ends up that Mallory has a history of being a playful cat at night.

    Due to her cat meows, cat games and the cat running around the house after everyone was in bed, the family coped by closing their bedroom doors at night to keep her out.

    I suspect that a little interactive play right before bedtime would have helped…routinely providing your cat exercise opportunities is one of the best ways to drain excess energy and promote calmer nocturnal cat behavior.


I do enjoy happy endings...

And Mallory’s tale does not disappoint. You see, it wasn’t Mallory who needed training, it was “Cuz” and the family!

  • By being more observant, they learned to see the signs that their cat wanted to play.
  • With a little guidance, they were able to select some of the best cat toys for solo play and interactive cat play.
  • By learning the right way to play with their cat, they all (family and all the household felines) enjoy the benefits of cat playtime.
  • Whenever they return from vacations or extended time away from home, a point is made to spend a little extra time playing Mallory’s favorite games...oh, and getting the luggage put away sooner!


Ready To Improve Your Cat Play Skills?

  • Practice thinking like a cat

  • Avoid these common cat play mistakes

It's easy! Before you know it, you'll be teaching your friends how to
"cat play...the right way"!


If you practice the right way of cat play,
but kitty still keeps you awake at night,
have you overlooked the importance of cat beds?


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