Cat Scratcher Toy Review

cardboard cat scratcher

SmartyKat Scratch Summit Incline Scratcher


PURPOSE: Satisfies A Cat's Need To Scratch and Exercise


  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 10.5 x 19 inches (Height x Width x Length)

  • Shipping Weight:3 pounds

  • Main Product Material: Heavy-duty cardboard frame with honeycomb corrugated cardboard scratching surface.

  • Attributes From Product Package or Manufacturers Product Information:

    • Satisfies your cat's need to ...Scratch

    • A cat scratcher at an angle cats love

    • Snap-in toy offers between-scratching fun

    • Patent-pending design pops up in seconds

    • Includes SmartyKat Certified Organic Catnip

    • Made from recycled material...Some parts biodegradable in nature

    • Made in USA

  • My Analysis:

    • Quality: Quality heavy cardboard materials and construction

    • Performance: Item performs as advertised.
      With two minor adjustments, I made it even better. (More on this below)

    • Price: On the high end. Similar style, lower priced products are available.

      • High End: $20.95
      • Low End: $7.12 for similar product

Personal Experience With Item

Why A New Toy Was Needed

Before Britches could begin her transition from outside stray kitty to indoor family cat, I knew a few things had to be in place.

One of those things was an appropriate cat scratching surface...either a cat scratching post or cat scratching pad. I felt it better to provide her with a place to scratch, rather than to leave it for her to decide.

Therefore, my first task at hand was deciding on the type of cat scratcher I would buy. There are many types and styles to choose from:

    • Vertical scratching post

    • Cat tree

    • Flat cat scratching pad

    • Incline scratcher

As well as deciding on the actual scratching "material":

    • Honeycombed Cardboard

    • Carpet covered cat scratching post

    • Sisal (rope) covered cat scratching furniture

Prior to making my decision, I had to take a few things into consideration:

siamese cat napping

    • I knew very little about Britches likes or dislikes, but, I had seen her scratching horizontally on our important observation.

    • Since I would be able to offer her a window perch, the need for a cat scratching/climbing tree was not pressing.

    • Carpet sample squares would be available to Britches as options, so my choice for material was narrowed down to either cardboard or sisal .

Deciding On A Toy

Siamese cat stretching on incline scratcher

Since you've already seen a picture of the product up above...

It probably isn't a big surprise that I selected the incline scratcher with cardboard scratching pad!

What Helped "Sway" My Decision:

My decision to purchase an scratcher on an incline was confirmed when I read the back of the SmartyKat Scratch Summit box. I liked what it said:

    • "Satisfies your cat's need to ...Scratch. Cats are inclined to scratch on vertical or angled scratching targets (like trees) because they can get more traction as they drag their claws down the scratching surface."

    • The Scratch Summit Incline Scratcher offers all that nature does with the added allure of SmartyKat Certified Organic Catnip.

    • The Scratch Summit pops up to become a sturdy scratch structure for your gravity-loving kitty."

In addition to liking the design of the incline cat scratcher, from past experience I know that I trust Smarty Kat products.

This company's products are designed to fulfill a specific "need" of the cat...and as the box says:

"A happy, healthy cat is one whose physical, emotional and instinctual needs are fully satisfied. The Smarty Kat Complete Needs system helps you understand more about your cat's needs and provides products to meet those needs."

Putting The Cat Scratcher Together

The cat scratcher was simple to assemble and the box provided clear instructions. The base is made of glossy, heavy cardboard and the scratching pad is a sturdy, double-sided rectangle that slips easily into the base...unfortunately, it can also easily slip upwards and out of the base when the cat really "diggs in" with sharp claws for an aggressive scratch.

A few pieces of wide transparent tape along the edges easily resolved any problems.

As a double bonus, when the cardboard cat scratching pad becomes worn, just flip it over to expose a brand new surface...and if that wasn't enough, included with the SmartyKat Scratch Summit is a snap on feather toy that can be dangled from a port-hole in the base.

Not only does this port-hole provide an additional element of fun for kitty playtime, but it allowed me to place a clean brick inside the scratcher for added "weight". It would be unlikely that the scratcher would slide or tip over during use, but the additional weight helps me have confidence that the unit will "stay put" so Britches has a solid scratcher to scratch!

Introducing the Incline Cat Scratcher

When preparing to present the scratcher to Britches for the first time, I sprinkled the incline surface and her "mousey toy" with some of the dried catnip flakes which were included with the product.

As Britches approached the cat scratching pad, I scratched my own nails on the surface of the pad to make noise and draw her soon as she sniffed the incline scratcher I offered praise.

Siamese cat on cardboard incline scratcher

So, Is This Cat Toy A Hit or Miss?    Cue The Cat Talk!

Once Britches stepped on the pad and took the first "scratch"...I knew we had a hit!

The SmartyKat Scratch Summit Incline Scratcher

Should Appeal To:

Cats of most any age, temperament and scratching-material preference.

Our Final Thoughts:

The Smarty Kat® Incline Scratcher is two products in one: a great toy and necessary tool for your cats well being.

The cardboard scratching surface is a safe material that generally does not hang up a cat's claw...even when kitty's nails are a bit long.

Cats seem to enjoy the eventual "shredding" of the cardboard surface.

The slanted design is a perfect way to offer your cat the opportunity for a good stretch along with a good scratch.

With the low profile and small size of the incline scratcher, it is a subtle presence in any size room...from bedrooms to family a large house or small apartment!

Britches and I place Incline-Style Cat Scratchers on the “Best Cat Toys” list.

XThough the price of the Smarty Kat® Incline Scratcher was within my budget, there are similar products available that are lower priced.
(Those other products have not been reviewed by

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