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Kong's Swizzle Bird Teaser Toy

Kong Cat Teaser Toy

    Interactive Cat Teaser Toys

  • Product Details:
    • Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 0.5 x 19 inches;
      1.4 ounces

    • Shipping Weight:4.2 ounces

    • Main Product Material: Plush material streamer with natural feather tail on tip.

      Streamer attached to molded plastic wand.

  • Attributes From Product Package or Manufacturers Product Information:

    • Irresistible Teaser Toy * Interactive Play with Natural Feathers

    • For more than 30 years, pet owners, veterinarians and behaviorists have recommended KONG toys, treats and training tools. Everything we offer has been designed to be unique, fun and safe. LONG cat toys are not exception.

    • The KONG Swizzle Bird Teaser is perfect for fun, interactive play and a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your cat.

      Irresistible feathers and unpredictable movement will stimulate your feline friend's natural hunting instincts and provide beneficial exercise.

      The Swizzle Bird Teaser is sure to bring out the playful tiger in any cat.

  • My Analysis:
    • Quality:Durable materials with high quality construction.

    • Performance:This cat teaser toy performed as advertised and expected which resulted in creating a playful response from our Siamese cat.

    • Price: Moderate yet affordable price. High End: $7.64 Low End: $4.99

Personal Experience With Item

Why A New Toy Was Needed

If variety is the spice of life...then providing Britches with a variety of interactive cat toys is a perfect ingredient to keeping her life well seasoned! 

By increasing the number of cat toys in her collection, it is easier to rotate the toys we use in our interactive play sessions.  Using different cat wand toys keeps our cat games fresh, exciting and unpredictable. 

Just like in nature, Britches never knows what prey she will encounter!

Deciding On A Toy

Siamese Cat with cat teaser toy

Knowing that regularly playing with your cat is key to preventing the development of house cat behavior problems, I decided to select a wand cat toy that offered a different type of "prey" from one of her original favorite toys:  the Cat Dancer

Instead of batting at a fluttering "fly", Britches could stalk a side-winding "snake"!

The reason I was confident that Britches would respond positively to cat teaser toys of this type was based on how enthusiastic she was with a little homemade "experimental" teaser toy. 

In my sewing supplies I had a very long piece of flat elastic, such as would be used in an elastic waistband.  I tied one end of the elastic to a Flutter Ball Feather, and the other end to a wooden spoon to use as a handle!   As I dragged the teaser toy past Britches, she definitely had fun chasing and stalking.

Cat Biting Cat Teaser Toys

My experiment yielded an illuminating and useful fact:  The big appeal for Britches with this "toy" was not so much the feather, but the movement of the elastic tape. 

Though the slithering movement really stimulated her feline hunter instincts, once "captured" there wasn't anything for her to claw or sink her teeth into! 

Best a real toy!  By observing Britches during our interactive cat play, I was able to understand her "cat talk"...her response told me to look for a fabric cat teaser toy long enough that it could be dragged like a snake!

No second guessing required...She helped me decide what I needed to buy.

What I like about the style of Kong's Swizzle Bird Cat Toy is:

Siamese Cat Stalking

  • The combination of natural feathers with a plush cat toy swizzle streamer tail!

  • With the flick of the wrist, the design and weight of the swizzle streamer offers "realistic" movement...easily mimics the wriggling and slithering of live prey across the floor!

  • The soft, fluffy, plush material of the swizzle streamer tail allows kitty to bite and paw without the material getting snagged on teeth or claws.

Cat Talk Tip

For any feline with an indoor-only lifestyle, a little "cat exercise" play therapy with a cat teaser toy can go a long way in helping to drain pent up energy.  Not only are these interactive play sessions great opportunities for bonding with your cat, but they are key to keeping her from turning into a stressed cat. 

Purchasing Cat Teaser Toys

Siamese Cat Playing with teaser toy

I was drawn to buy this new cat toy for a few reasons:

  • The design of this cat teaser toy would allow me to "drag" it along the floor, allowing our Siamese to give chase and have something of substance to capture.

  •  The Kong cat toy brand is known for quality.   
  • The inexpensive price meant a low risk for the investment.

So, Is This Cat Toy A Hit or Miss? Cue The Cat Talk!

Our cat teaser toys review of Kong's Swizzle Bird Cat Toy has Britches saying "It's a Hit!" 

Through Britches cat body language, she told me that this plush feather cat toy successfully stimulated her cat hunting instincts.  As I drew the toy's fluffy swizzle tail along the floor, I observed Britches respond with each of her cat body parts:

Cat's Eyes: Her body held still, only her eyes followed the movement of the cat toy across the floor.

Cat's Ears:  When the Swizzle Bird disappeared from view, slithering around the side of the sofa,  Britches ears rotated, keeping tabs on the location of her prey.

Cat's Body: As Britches stealthy began to move toward the corner of the sofa, she crouched down, tail swishing, her whiskers slightly forward.  Quick as a flash she sprung up, dashing around the sofa...

Cat's Paw: Before I could move the cat wand toy Britches slapped the feather flat, pinning it to the floor with her claws.

An unmistakable air of victory prevailed as she deftly scooped her feathery prey and bunny kicked into the air!

Now that's Cat Talk that anyone can understand!

The Kong Swizzle Bird Cat Toy Should Appeal To:

Generally, cats of most any age, temperament and toy preference.

More specifically...older kittens and cats with a strong prey drive.

Cartoon Cat Pointing

Our Final Thoughts

Britches and I recommend Kong Swizzle Bird wand cat teaser as a “Must Have Interactive-Play Cat Toy”.

When playing with your cat and teaser toys, make use of furniture, bags, boxes or pillows to mimic natural prey behavior
of taking cover.

Need to stop a bad cat behavior before it gets started?

Consider purchasing multiple cat teaser toys and storing around the house for quick availability when needed.

Redirecting your cat's attention to a positive activity can often avoid negative situations such as pet-to-pet conflicts, "open door dashing" or even inappropriate clawing of furniture!

Listed on the “Best Cat Toys” list.

XThis is an interactive-play toy...not intended for unsupervised use by your cat. For safety sake, when not in use, we suggest placing the Swizzle Bird in a secure, cat-proof location.

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