Catit Cat Spa Review

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Deluxe Activity Center for Cats

Catit Cat Spa Pieces

    Catit Deluxe Activity Center for Cats...Catit Cat Spa

    Solo play cat toy, Catnip toy, Solo cat grooming tool,
    Environmental enrichment accessory

Catit Deluxe Cat Spa Box


  • Product Dimensions: 3.8 x 21 x 21 inches

  • Shipping Weight: 3 pounds

  • Main Product Material: Molded plastic with one rubber piece

Labeled Catit Cat Spa Photo

Attributes From Product Package or
Manufacturers Product Information:

  • Pampers, Spoils and Provides Diversionary Pleasure.

  • Provides attention for your cat and gives the “ultimate sensory experience”.

  • “Cats love when their owners rub or scratch them. They naturally seek this out by brushing up against legs or inanimate objects like walls, chairs, etc.

    This is part of their social behavior, an important means of communication. In particular, when cats rub their chin, lip or cheek areas, their facial glands deposit pheromones, which are known to have a calming effect on cats.”

  • “Developed on the basis of intensive research and observation of cat behavior and responses, the Catit Deluxe Activity Center for Cats is the first product that offers instant gratification, overwhelming pleasure and diversion for cats.”

Catit Deluxe Cat Spa Product Pieces

Specific Activity Center Attributes:

  • Non-Slip Base: “Sure-grip rubber feet prevent unit from moving during use and discourages scratching of floor surfaces”.

  • Easy to Maintain: All parts are removable for easy maintenance.

  • Gum Stimulator: “An irresistible challenge to cats – blocks access to catnip! Gnawing of the Gum Stimulator massages and cleans teeth and gums. Rubbing cheek and chin areas stimulate glands.”
Siamese Cat asleep on Catit Cat Spa Brush

  • Body-Stroke Groomers: “For self-grooming and massage.

    Stimulates face and back glands while providing an easy-access, intense massage.”

  • With Catnip: Catnip (included) can be placed, at your discretion, in the Body-Stroke Groomers and beneath the Gum Stimulator, for a total sensory experience.

  • Ripple Massager: Solid, sculpted ripples perform unlike any brush.

    Deep penetration of fur provides intense rubbing pleasure to head, neck and face.

Siamese Cat Asleep on Catit Cat Spa
  • Accu-Pressure Pads: A unique, sensory experience. Cats love to feel the pressure points beneath their paws and may actually sleep on them!

  • No Tracking: Rim-Guard and raised Accu-Pressures pads prevent tracking of catnip in household.

My Analysis:

  • Quality: High quality materials and very good construction.

  • Performance: Item performed as advertised and expected after period of introduction and investigation by our Siamese cat.

  • Price: Moderate to expensive. Consider this an “investment purchase”. High End: $40.24 Low End: $22.41

Personal Experience With Item

Some people window shop...some browse online... but one of my favorite past times is “perusing” cat product catalogs I receive in the mail.

It was in one of those catalogs that I first saw the Catit Cat Spa Activity Center...and I knew that my cat would have one someday!

Purchasing the Cat Spa

Well, “someday” finally arrived when I was faced with creating some feline environmental enrichment improvements with the hopes of reducing any cat separation anxiety for our Siamese, Britches.

Personal reasons would have my husband and I called out of town on occasion, which would mean Britches would be at home alone, with the daily care of a pet sitter. Hoping to provide ways our Siamese could stay “relaxed” and not become a stressed cat, the Catit Deluxe Activity Center looked to be just what we needed.

Being that Britches is a senior cat and knowing that she is slow to show interest in any new cat item in her environment, it was important to get the Cat Spa into the house as quickly as possible, to allow time for her to “warm up” to its presence.

Introducing the Catit Cat Spa to Britches

Siamese Cat Relaxing in Sunbea

When the Cat Spa arrived, it took only moments to “pop” the brushes, Ripple Massager and
Gum Stimulator into place.

I chose to place the Cat Spa near Britches’ morning “sunning and brushing” spot so she could get used to seeing it...and hopefully, to create

a positive association with this "strange, new item" that had suddenly appeared!

After a week of letting the Catit Cat Spa just “be in the room”, it was time to show Britches what this unique cat toy/cat grooming tool was all about...time to make a happy cat!

To “prime” the experience, I sprinkled the included catnip into the holder of the Catit Cat Spa, as well as on the Accu-Pressure Pads.

Beginning to Use The Catit Cat Spa

Siamese Cat Sleeping

We are lucky to have great morning sunbeams that fall across the floor. Our “routine” is for Britches to come into the room, stretch out in a sunbeam and then I’ll brush her.

Usually, after a few minutes, she will roll onto her side and fall asleep.

Anticipating that movement, I initially positioned the Catit to be just where she would lay her head down on the the Accu-Pressure pads.

The idea was to guide her awareness to the catnip I had sprinkled, then naturally and “on her own” experience the “sensation” of the textured surface by enjoying a face or cheek rub.

During the training process, I decided that I would only brush Britches beside (or eventually, on) the Cat Spa.

To help build an association for Britches with the Catit Body Stroke Brushes, I would take a little bit of accumulated cat hair from her grooming brush and place it directly onto the spa brushes...having her own scent helped make the Cat Spa more familiar to her.

Another way we introduced the Cat Spa was when I popped out one of the Body Stroke Groomers and used it as a brush.

Eventually I lightly brushed along her cheeks to initiate her awareness of how good that type of action would feel and again, to peek her interest and encourage her instincts to explore the different textures for rubbing and relaxing...on her own.


Though it sounds like a lot of work...when you love your kitty and enjoy spending time together, the process of training is just part of the pleasure of teaching your cat how to enjoy something new. To some, it may sound like this “introduction and training” was a lot of work, but knowing and understanding my own cat, I accepted this as what I needed to do.

The original motivation for getting the Catit Cat Spa Deluxe Activity Center was to provide Britches a unique cat toy designed to help her soothe herself and hopefully decrease any cat separation anxiety from occurring when we needed to be out of town.

One look at this beautiful relaxed kitty, contently napping after a “morning at the spa” and I can honestly say...I think we’re off to a great start!

CATIT CAT SPA Should Appeal To:

Cats of most any age and temperament...

Especially those who enjoy being groomed, like rubbing on things and are drawn to chewing on textured objects.

Cartoon of Pointing Kitt

Our Final Thoughts

Britches and I recommend Catit Cat Spa Deluxe Activity Center For Cats as an Investment Product for your cats Environmental Enrichment.

It is a unique cat toy that combines elements of a catnip toy and a cat grooming tool.

The Spa provides kitty with a variety of textures and surfaces on which to rub, paw and chew.

This product is especially beneficial for indoor-only cats who otherwise may be limited to soft carpet or smooth floors.

The Catit Cat Spa provides cats with a way to relax and distress on their own...(Though not a substitute for your attention and care!)

The hard plastic materials are durable and easy to clean.

X The Body Stroke Brushes can pop out of place on occasion, though are easily put back in.

/ X Some cats may require a short introduction period to bond with the product. We see this as a small investment for a big payoff!

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