Crinkle Cave


Cat Tent Review

Pop Open Crinkle Cave by Sport Pet Designs




    • Product Dimensions:
      15.5"h x 15.5"w x 26"d;

    • Shipping Weight:
      9.6 ounces

    • Main Product Material: Polyester with plastic edging and floor

  • Attributes From Product Package or Manufacturers Product Information:

    • Pop Open Crinkle Cave

    • Detachable Crinkle floor stimulates cat's excitement

    • Tent shape creates roomy play area

    • Includes detachable cat tunnel that connects caves for a bigger play area!

    • Interior ribbons hang from the top of the cave to entice kitty to swat and bat.

  • My Analysis:

    • Quality: Medium grade material, but with the low price, acceptable.

    • Performance: Performed as advertised and hoped for.

    • Price: Good value and affordable price.

      • High End: $9.87

      • Low End: $6.88


The discovery of this unique cat toy came about when shopping in preparation for Britches making her transition from an outdoor stray into an indoor house cat.


Recognizing that our little Senior Siamese would probably have a few "shy cat" moments while getting used to being inside, I wanted to provide her with plenty of places to hide...but not hide away from the family. What I liked about the this pop up cat tent, in addition to being a modestly priced piece of cat furniture, was knowing I could easily move it from room to room, as needed.

When I first "popped open" the cat tent, I was a little surprised about the material from which it was made. I can only describe it as "paper fabric" covering a wire frame. The "crinkle" comes from a "crinkly pad" that attaches to the plastic floor of the cave and the "cat tunnel" is created by a seperate sleeve that velcroes in place. The tunnel can be for play "as is" or can be used to attach additional Caves or Cat Cubes to expand the play area.

As I learned with many things, Britches takes her time to get used to anything new in her environment. Once she does, however, if she likes it ...she uses it!

The good news? She likes her Crinkly Cat Tent!


Within a short period of time we changed the name to
"The Sauna".

Our kitty loves laying in the sunbeams that fall on the floor in "her" room. By placing the "sauna" in the beams, Britches has a warm, cozy place to hide, cat nap and groom.

And when the sun beams fade for the day? The Crinkle Cave gets placed up on the bed, giving a lofty perch to spy on the world...or at least on the family!


For playing we have a few favorite cat games.

Taking the crinkle pad out and using it to play "hide the mouse" is fun. Britches loves to paw under the pad to find the mouse that lurks beneath!


A game we like when she is inside the tent is with a Peacock Feather. Three of the cat tent sides have round openings...perfect for a kitty paw to swat a passing feather toy...or pounce out of and give chase to the feather toy holder!

A word of is possible for the paper fabric to rip, tear or shred...depending on how sharp the claws and rough the play! When this happened to us, the fix was a breeze. I used wide, clear tape to patch the of all? Britches didn't seem to mind a bit!

Though you can find other products made with stronger materials and more durability, for the price, I find the Crinkle Cave to be a good value and great item for enriching the environment of our housecat.

  • The Crinkle Cave Should Appeal To:

    • Cats of most any age, temperament and toy preference.


The Crinkle Cave meets your cats need for a place to cat nap, play, hide and observe.

The lightweight design makes it easy to move from one location to the kitty demands!

The crinkle pad and cat tunnel sleeve add additional dimensions of fun for your cat.

The affordable price makes it easy to purchase multiple cat tents.

Britches and I place Crinkle Cave on the “Best Cheap Cat Toys” list.

X The paper-like fabric can tear, but, can easily be repaired with clear tape.


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