Cat Talk: Get the Message
Through External Cat Body Parts

Cat Balloon Cartoo

Well, think again! That fur and those four legs are part of the external cat body parts which, we’ll soon see, are vital elements used in cat talk communication.

What could learning about cat’s eyes, cat tails and all the other cat body parts have to do with understanding cat talk?

After you spend a few minutes reading and looking at the photos, you’ll begin to see that “cat talk” is not always verbal.

Smiling Happy Cat
Angry Ca

Sometimes your cat conveys clear messages through its looks or actions.

A healthy cat and a happy cat’s external body parts typically will appear differently than that of a sick cat, depressed cat, scared cat or angry cat.

Cat Question Mark Cartoon

When trying to understand your cat, do you know what to look for?
If not, don’t worry…you will!

Before long, you’ll be able to put your new (or refreshed) knowledge of kitty's external cat body parts to practical use.

Then, you'll find it easy to "interpret" cat body language postures and you'll understand the specific cat language "spoken" through the body parts of your cat.

Sounds like a lot, huh?
Don’t worry…there’s no written test!

Ready? Then let’s get busy and take a closer look at:

  • Basic cat body parts
  • Some fun cat facts
  • Cool pictures of cats

There is no right or wrong order...
just "Pick and Click"!

Cat's Ears ... Cat Whiskers ... Cat's Eyes,

Cat Claws ...

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