Flutter Balls Cat Toy Review

SmartyKat Flutter Balls Feathery Cat Toy

Flutter Balls Cat Toy

  • PRODUCT CATEGORY: Both Interactive &
    Solo Play Cat Toy

  • Product Details: 
    • Product Dimensions: 1.8 x 5 x 0.1 inches;
      1.1 ounces

    • Shipping Weight: 4 ounces

    • Main Product Material: Plush cat toy balls with removable natural,undyed feather attachments.

  • Attributes From Product Package or Manufacturers Product Information:

    • SmartyKat Flutter Balls feathery toy balls satisfies your cat’s need to...HUNT.
      The fluttery feathers drive cats wild!

    • It's in a cat's nature to pounce on things that flutter and flip unpredictably.
      SmartyKat FlutterBalls, a teasingly tempting set of soft balls with removable feather attachments, are an irresistible prey substitute for your cat.

    • The lush tuft of feathers "snap" off and on again easily to give your cat the playtime option of pouncing on a ball with feathers - or without.

    • The feather attachment can be used with other SmartyKat items featuring the Snap2it! System.

    • Smartykat CompleteNeeds System teaches that a happy, healthy cat is one whose physical, emotional and instinctual needs are fully satistied. Flutter Balls help meet your cats need to hunt.

  • My Analysis:
    • Quality: High quality materials are constructed well. Even with enthusiastic play, the ball and feather extension stayed properly connected.

    • Performance: This feather ball cat toy performs as advertised and expected.

    • Price: Exceptional value and affordable price. High End: $3.00 Low End: $4.79

Personal Experience With Item

Why A New Toy Was Needed

With Britches having been transitioned to an indoor-only kitty, I am always on the lookout
for cat toys to enrich her environment and appeal to her natural feline needs.

Because it is important to keep our cat's toy selection "fresh", having different types of cat toys allows
for rotation...When one toy comes out, another gets put away.

Think "out of sight, out of mind."

Deciding On A Toy

Since the SmartyKat Flutter Balls are actually similar to a feather toy that one of our first cats, Tumbles, had enjoyed years earlier, I was confident that this feather and ball cat toy would really be able to trigger Britches "cat hunting behavior".

What I liked about the style of this toy is the ability to use it three ways:

  • As a feather and ball toy.

  • As a feather only toy.

  • As a plush toy ball.

With this new toy, I was looking forward to playing a game Tumbles had always enjoyed:   

                                                               Bat the Flying Feather .

To play, Tumbles would sit on a bench and I would gently toss the feather ball into the air, towards her...Tumbles natural instinct was to swat at the feather.  With time, she was able to bat the toy half-way across the room!  

Where it would be impossible to toss a feather by itself, the weight of the attached ball allowed us to play our game.

Another benefit to this toy is the detachable feather via the Snap2it! design.  When unsnapped from the ball, we were able to "snap" the feather portion into the "peek-a-boo" hole of the
SmartyKat Incline Scratching Pad  for an enticing hanging toy for kitty to swat and paw.

And don't forget, with the feather detached, you have a plush toy ball...great for solo play or interactive cat play!

Purchasing the Feather Toy Balls

Cat Playing With Flutter Balls

I was drawn to buy this new cat toy for a few reasons:

  • The hope that the feathers would intrigue Britches and appeal to her natural instinct of cat stalking and cat hunting behavior.

  • The ability to use the toy as three different toys.

  • A toy that can be used for either solo or interactive cat play.

  • The inexpensive price meant a low risk for the investment.

So, Is This Cat Toy A Hit or Miss? Cue The Cat Talk!

As I have learned...a little dried catnip can turn a plain plush toy into a catnip toy!  With a little fresh catnip rubbed on the feathers and a toss to the middle of the floor, Britches proved the FlutterBalls to be a hit!

I knew we had our answer when she did a couple of bunny-kicks to the ball...and I couldn't help but smile when she pranced across the room with her "prey" clenched in her teeth...proudly displaying the riches of her hunt!

The Flutter Balls Feather Toy Should Appeal To:

Generally, cats of most any age, temperament and toy preference.

More specifically, older kittens and cats with a strong prey drive.

Cartoon Pointing Kitten

Our Final Thoughts

Britches and I recommend SmartyKat Flutter Balls as a
“Must Have Solo-Play Cat Toy”.

When not in use, store the whole toy in a closed plastic jar with dried catnip…Keeps things fresh and exciting for kitty!

The affordable price makes this cat toy budget friendly.

. Listed on the “Best Cheap Cat Toys” list.

XFor unsupervised play and for safety sake, we suggest detaching the feather and leaving the plush ball for kitty solo play time.

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