Myths About Cats Eyes...
How Many Have Fooled You?


We know that myths about cats eyes are no different that plain old myths about cats...meaning, that no matter the subject, myths are things that a lot of folks believe, even though what they believe is incorrect.

While some cat eye myths are innocently interesting, others are important to set straight.

So, let me ask you, if there was a myth about cats eyes that was not only wrong, but in addition, was actually contributing to cats and kittens being turned out on the street or not being adopted, wouldn't you want the real cat facts?


Of course you would!

So, whether innocently interesting or more serious and important,
as Professor Kitty suggests above, let’s get a few things straight:


MYTH: A Blue Eyed Kitten Will Be A Blue Eyed Cat


Have you ever seen a kitten soon after they open their eyes for the first time? If yes,then you probably remember their beautiful baby blue eyes...for most all kittens are born with blue eyes.

So,to answer one of the myths about cats eyes...will a blue eyed kitten be a blue eyed cat?

Not necessarily. Though all blue eyed cats were blue eyed kittens, not all blue eyed kittens will become blue eyed adult cats!


A Few Cat Facts About Cat Eye Color
  • The colored part of the eye is called the iris.

  • By age three to seven months, as kitty develops into a more mature cat, the final eye color will develop...with a few exceptions:

For example, with the Korat breed, you’ll have to be patient...
their final luminous green eye color may not develop until they are four years old!

  • The most common colors for a cat’s eyes are Green, Gold, Orange...




And of course beautiful Siamese blue!

  • Cat’s eye color is determined by genetics and will vary by breed.


Cats with each eye a different color are often referred to as “odd-eyed” cats.


MYTH: All Blue Eyed White Cats Are or Will Be Deaf

No, not all…you will find that some blue eyed white cats are deaf, while others are not.

Let’s say you have two white cats:

  • One with blue eyes

  • The other with orange, gold or green eyes.

    • The all-white cat with blue eyes is more likely to be deaf.

    • While the all-white cat with eyes of the other colors traditionally does not have this propensity.

If you have an all-white cat that has one blue eye and the other eye of another color, there is a genetic condition which might cause deafness on the same side as the blue eye.

Now, don’t let this deter you from keeping or adopting a blue eyed white cat…just as people learn to cope with loss of hearing, deaf cats can become wonderful pets and a special part of your family.

There will be, of course, some special considerations for safety sake, such as being an indoor-only kitty!


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