Peacock Feather Cat Toy Review

Our Cats First Favorite Toy!


  • PRODUCT: Peacock Feather as Cat Toy

  • PRODUCT CATEGORY: Interactive Cat Toy


      • Product Dimensions:
        0.2 x 4 x 38 inches* (*Different vendors may sell different lengths ranging from 30 to 50 inches.)

      • Shipping Weight:
        0.8 ounces

      • Main Product Material:Natural Peacock Eye Feather on Natural Stem

    • Attributes From Product Package or Manufacturers Product Information:

      • Made in USA

      • Package of 12 Feathers* (*Others quantities may be available)

      • Peacock feathers collected naturally.

      • Peacock feathers have been sanitized.

    • My Analysis:

      • Quality: High quality natural peacock feather.

      • Performance: Item performs as intended for interactive cat play and cat training.

      • Price: Exceptional value and affordable price.

        • High End: $6.19 - $10.09 per 12 pack of peacock feathers.

        • Low End: $1.67 per individual peacock feather.



    If I was allowed only one toy to have for Britches, hands-down it would have to be a Peacock Feather. No question. Truth be told, not more than 10 minutes ago I was summoned away from my work in the kitchen to come "play feather".

    I kid you not. As I stood at the sink, Britches kept wandering into the kitchen, meowing and meowing. I would answer, she would leave, only to return a moment later with more emotion and determination to her meows.

    Knowing there would be no peace, I head to the office, picked up the feather, and with a couple of "flitters" and landings, I had a cat fully focused and stalking the Peacock Eye! For the next 10 minutes the only noise I heard was intermittent purring mixed with the swat of a paw and the landing "thump" of a successful pounce and capture.

    Once the game ended, the peace and quiet restored, I happily settled in to write this review!

    Hands On Experience:

    My first experience with Peacock Feathers was many years ago...when we had some as pets!


    Oh, and just to clarify, the Peacock is the male bird...with the female being known as the Peahen. The peacock's familiar fan is made up of about 150 feathers, with about 20 of those being the long "eyed" peacock feathers. What looks like a long train dragging behind the bird is actually long extensions of the upper tail covers. The "eyed" feathers grow to be several feet long, and can, on average, range in length from 30 to 50 inches.

    Our first mature male, Mr. Peabody, sported a beautiful would drag behind him until he saw a pretty hen...then whoosh, it would fan out all around. The first time we witnessed him molting, it was a shock...and a mess! Feathers, feathers everywhere. Thankfully, all we had to do was gather and collect his "crop"...for the feathers are shed by themselves, falling where they may.


    If I remember correctly, our birds seemed to drop their feathers in August, post mating season. This photo shows Mr. Peabody well after molting...possibly in early fall...showing his "mini-fan" of upper tail feathers.

    Like many people, we used our feathers for decorations and gifts to friends. It wasn't until our kitten, Tumbles, that we realized the true value of the eyed Peacock Feather as an irresistible interactive feather cat toy.

    I don't think anyone can say exactly why cats respond as they do to these particular feathers. Maybe the feline instinct is invigorated when light reflects off the iridescent feathers...maybe they can't resist stalking the non-blinking "eye"...maybe we'll never know!

  • cat_looking_at_peacock_feather
    The use of the Peacock Feather along with clicker training was instrumental in the initial bonding with Britches. She had been on her own for four years, having been abandoned by her original family during the evacuation before Hurricane Katrina.

    When we purchased this house four years later, we had no idea it had previously been owned by a Siamese cat!

    Once she made her appearance, looking in our windows and doors, we began to put food out for her. Rumor has it that during her four years "living on the road" the neighbors would feed Britches, but no one could get close enough to pet her.

    Wanting to improve her life (and ours) and be able to welcome her back into her own home, the process of getting to trust one another began. Over time I began to stay outside and just quietly sit while Britches ate. Eventually, I brought out the longest Peacock Feather I had and swished it gently to get her attention and grow interest. It didn't take long before Britches began to play and chase the feather...and eventually, to grow more and more trusting of my presence.

    Since then, though many toys have been purchased and tested, in Britches opinion the Peacock Feather remains the #1 best cat toy ever!

    • Peacock Feathers Should Appeal To:

      • Cats of most any age, temperament and toy preference. Even older, less mobile cats can enjoy the fun of laying in place and "trapping" the feather under paw.



    The Peacock Feather is a great toy to promote bonding with your cat.

    When used calmly, the longer feather becomes an important tool for working to initiate interaction with shy or mildly frightened cats and kittens.

    Playing with it provides a simple way to sneak in some “cat exercise” no matter the age or mobility of the cat!

    The rigid "design" of the stalk of the Peacock Feather is perfect for poking through open spaces in toys then pulling back... think "cat & mouse" games.

    The affordable price makes it easy to purchase in quantity. Keep Peacock Feathers in multiple rooms to be prepared for spontaneous cat play!

    Purchasing commercially cleaned, sanitized and packaged Peacock Feathers helps to ensure you and your cat a quality cat toy.

    Britches and I place Peacock Feathers on the “Best Cat Toys” list.

    X When playing with the Peacock Feather, as with any interactive cat toy, exercise caution to avoid injury to your cat’s eyes or sensitive nose and keep toy out of cats reach when not in supervised use.


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