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"You Are Here"...the first time I remember seeing that phrase was on a sitemap at an amusement park.

It was just amazing how easy that map made it to see where I was.  All I had to do was decide where I wanted to go.  Once I did that, the map made it simple to see how to get there!

For your convenience, think of this page as your own "You Are Here" guide.

Use it as an index to all that is on to:

  • Quickly spot the information you need 
  • Explore topics you want to learn more about

When you find what you are looking for just click the link and you will be on your way!


Getting To Know Your Cat

The Cat's Body

Myths About Cats

Feline Enrichment

Cat Supplies

Cat Toys

The Best Cat Toys List

Interactive Cat Toys

Solo Play Cat Toys

Directory of Cat Videos On Site

The Body of the Cat

Cat Claws: Cat videos to highlight ways a cat uses its claws.

Cats Ears: Videos illustrating some of the things cats can hear.

Product Reviews

Cat Dancer Toy Review: See how felines enjoy this cat toy.

Catit Cat Spa ReviewVideos showing a very relaxed cat!

Turbo Scratcher Toy Review: This cat toy also known as Turbo Chaser

Bouncy Mouse Cat Toy Review: This cat video illustrates pure kitty cuteness

Additional Resources

Administration Pages

Site Policies Index

About Me...Annie T. Baxter

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