Turbo Scratcher Toy Review


Two..Two..Two Cat Toys In One!


    Bergan Turbo Scratcher

    Solo Play Cat Toy


    • Product Dimensions:
      16 inch diameter X 1.88 inches

    • Shipping Weight:
      1.4 pounds

    • Main Product Material:
      Molded plastic, honeycombed cardboard cat scratch pad, hard plastic ball.

  • Attributes From Product Package or Manufacturers Product Information:

    • The Turbo Scratcher™ cat toy offers hours of fun and exercise for your cat while reducing potential furniture damage due to scratching.

    • Catnip and ball included.

    • Scratch pad is replaceable.

    • Cat Toy and Scratch Pad.

  • My Analysis:

    • Quality: High quality materials and construction. Simple design.

    • Performance: Item performs as advertised and expected with no modifications necessary.

    • Price: Exceptional value and affordable price.

      • High End: $17.59

      • Low End: $9.54

Experience With Item:

For starters, here's a question: What do you get when you combine a plastic circular track with a plastic ball and cardboard cat scratching pad?

A cat activity toy that any cat would be lucky to have!

Without a doubt, the sheer genius of the this toy can be found in the simplicity of its design. The otherwise ordinary elements of this cat toy come together to meet at least three of the top needs of a cat:

  • To Scratch

  • To Hunt

  • To Play

Anyone who has tried to select cat toys knows, if you can successfully meet one need of your cat, you are doing well...but to find a quality toy that meets three needs...well, that's like hitting the feline jackpot!


It’s been about six years since I first came across the Turbo Scratcher in a Christmas gift catalog geared for cats.

At the time, I was trying to find a good solo-play cat toy for our adopted stray, Tumbelina, who was about 6 months old.

Not only was I seeking a toy that would keep Tumbelina engaged and stimulated, I needed something to help relieve some of her energy!

What Type Of Cat Would Like The Turbo Scratcher?

The reason I thought this toy, also known as the Turbo Chaser, would be perfect, was based on a little game Tumbleina loved to play by herself. Tumbles would paw a few pieces of kibble from her bowl, and then take a swipe, sending the dry cat food flying across the wooden floor!

In one swift motion she would follow that kibble, scooting and guiding it with her paw, like a skilled hockey player guiding a puck. She loved to use her paws when she played.

Though I do not have a video of Tumbles, I found one of another kitty playing the same game with her food:

Now you might understand why I considered the Turbo Scratcher, for I could really picture Tumbelina swatting the plastic ball round and round in the track.

Incidentally, Tumbles loved to chase rubber balls around the house...until they would disappear under the furniture! Another benefit to the Turbo Chaser...no lost balls!

My Kitty's Casino

Fast forward...the Turbo Chaser is given to Tumbelina and I’m convinced that there could be no better solo-play activity toy that I could have selected! After I gave the ball it’s first “spin around the track”, Tumbles was hooked!

She would sit and spin that ball with powerful swats of the paw...making it roll faster and faster...then, in a burst of energy, she’d run off, watch from a distance, slowly stalk the toy, then “whap”...send that ball spinning with gusto!

I can't help but smile when I remember...whenever we would hear the ball start up, my husband and I would joke “the casino’s open”...for it sounded like Tumbles was taking a turn at the roulette wheel!

If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...

Then a video is worth higher than I can count!

So, here are a couple of videos to illustrate how the Bergan Turbo Toy is definitely one of the best cat toys...for kittens and grown cats!

The Wild And Mighty Hunter Kitten

Adult Cats Have A Little Different Style

Now, For A Senior's Perspective

Fast forward once again, to the present, and my experience with the Turbo Chaser is a little different. Instead of a playful kitten interested in anything that moves, I have a senior cat whose playful moods come in spurts.

Since introducing Britches to the Turbo Scratcher, she’s shown no interest in the “playing” aspect of it...she has, however, fully accepted it as one of her favorite cat scratchers.

Knowing that she likes her incline cat scratcher with a cardboard scratching pad, I was confident she would like the option of the flat scratching pad...confident about that, and distantly “hopeful” about the activity toy side of it.

It really does not surprise me that Britches has not responded to the “solo cat play” element, for she has never shown an interest in batting at balls...she’s definitely more of an interactive cat play type of kitty.

Does this mean my feelings for the Turbo Scratcher are different now? Nope! In fact, it proves that this toy can appeal to the different needs of different cats. A great toy for "only" cats, or, multi-cat households...kittens or adult cats.


Bergan Turbo Scratcher Should Appeal To:

Well...that depends. Since this really is two products in one:

  • As the Turbo Chaser Toy, It Will Appeal To:

    • Cats that play with balls and/or like to “swat” things.

    • Cats who respond to “movement” of an object.

    • As the Turbo Scratcher, It Will Appeal To:

    • Cats who like flat, horizontal scratching.

    • Kitty’s who like cardboard scratching pads.



Britches and I recommend Turbo Scratcher as a “Must Have Cat Toy and Cat Scratcher”.

This cat product should offer appeal to a wide age span...young, old and in between.

Multiple benefits for kitty with use of this toy.

Excellent solo play cat toy.

Can help prevent, reduce or correct cat behavior problems by:

  • Encouraging cat exercise.

  • Providing a positive outlet for a stressed cat to drain energy.

  • Helping to reduce cat anxiety.

  • Enriching the environment to avoid cat boredom.

  • Offering an appealing cardboard cat scratcher.

Includes package of catnip.

Replacement scratch pads available.

X Feline response may vary. When introducing the Turbo Scratcher to your cat for the first time, have patience and be encouraging.
  • Not all cats will respond and “go crazy” with the ball.

  • Not all cats will be drawn to the cat scratcher.

  • Realize that you are introducing a foreign object into your cats domain…allow kitty plenty of time to investigate, acclimate and finally, accept this new toy.

Do you know the reason a cat claws?


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